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Join us for our Fellowship Potluck, on Saturday, December 29th. 

Women’s Ministry

Will be hosting a Cookie Exchange event on Saturday, December 1st 6pm @ Tracy’s Home. For more info contact a WM representative.

Community Outreach

Want to serve your Community? Then sign up to serve a hot meal to those in need. We need 8 volunteers from 3:30-6:30pm on December 23rd to help serve food, drinks, buss tables, and wash dishes @ the Flagstaff Family Food Center. For more information please contact Mike Wood. 

Prayer Theme for the month: Evangelistic Series

Dear Beloved we invite you to pray this month in a special way for our church. Below you will find specific requests.

Pray for...

  • Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

  • Church Unity  

  • Preparing Hearts

  • People Attending

  • Being Impressed on who to invite

  • Spiritual Revival

  • Guest Speaker and Wife

  • Passion for the Lost

 Pastor Lee Venden, January 11-19

Have you ever wondered how to . . . really give God your heart, to surrender your will to Christ and develop a personal relationship with Jesus, to become a contagious Christian and actually experience Christ’s transforming power in your life?

The All About Jesus Seminar will show you how a personal relationship with Jesus is the sum and substance of the Christian life. More than that, it will offer you tangible, practical, plain-English suggestions on how to develop or deepen a meaningful friendship with Him.

Lee and Marji Venden work as a revivalist team for the Upper Columbia Conference. Their seminars are offered as an aid to pastors and churches, assisting members in their personal walk with Christ. Their heart’s desire is to know Jesus better and to help others accomplish that as well.

What to expect: 

  • “Can We Be Friends?” God Him­self wants to have a meaningful friendship with us. In fact, He is more interested in us than we are in Him.

  • “It’s Who You Know!” Christian­ity is not about what you do, but who you know—and who you know will change what you do.

  • “Born Twice.” All need to be born of the Spirit. It is His job to bring us to conversion, but if we lift Jesus up, the Holy Spirit will draw us more quickly into the second birth.

  • “Blessed Assurance!” The major­ity of Seventh-day Adventists lack assurance of salvation. Our assurance is based on rela­tionship, not behavior. Jesus promises to save and cleanse if we abide in Him.

  • “Recipe for Bread.” Jesus (in His Word) is the Bread of Life. The devotional life is how we “eat” that Bread.

  • “The Answer Is Prayer!” Prayer is foremost for communion with God, and it is both ways, if we are still enough to listen.

  • “Gotta Tell Somebody!” God shares with us the privilege of serving and telling others about Him for our own good and happiness.

  • “Dealing With Failure.” Victory and overcoming are gifts the Spirit gives to those who, by beholding Jesus, are changed into His likeness.

  • “This Is War!” The enemy will do everything possible to prevent or hinder us from daily seeking Jesus. There are three weapons that are especially useful.

  • “Comforter and Friend.” Our Friend, the Holy Spirit, is deeply com­mitted to our spiritual growth and usefulness.

  • “Surviving a Revival Seminar.” Suggestions for individuals and churches wishing to insure that the flame of revival grows brighter instead of fading away.

  • “Homecoming!” It is good to be reminded of why we are Adventists. What will it be like to finally go home?

  • “Is Jesus Enough?” A conclusive demonstra­tion that making and keeping Jesus central will satisfy every personal and corporate need!

He has authored many books, including:

  • The Perfect Gift

  • It’s all about Him